fashion arbiter

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someone who popularizes a new fashion

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The pair also perform a valuable service for the network in its difficult role as fashion arbiter. "I may be cool, Beavis, but I can't change the future," Butt-head remarks, in a rare moment of clarity.
Enterprising Europeans found work in Russia as teachers of English and French but they also became fashion arbiters and some opened porcelain factories.
Snapped up by fashion arbiters,it has been trading on its celebrity status for three years in the US, sinceopening a first store in LA's famous Melrose Avenue selling Ts,denim and accessories,quickly followed by three more flagship stores in Beverly Hills,New York, Miami and Chicago.
Saks won't divulge its "experts"; but I happen to know for a fact that over at our end the fashion arbiters consisted, of the boss's 4 wife, our new intern from Malaysia, and David the computer guy, who's always surprising us with unusual body piercings.
There were no style gurus, no fashion arbiters, no members of the old aristocracy, no nouves, no Ivana Trumps; no posers even, unless you count the rather self-congratulatory little creep who's writing these words.