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Synonyms for fascist

Synonyms for fascist

an adherent of fascism or other right-wing authoritarian views

relating to or characteristic of fascism


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Smollett's book is itself polyphonous and noisy; this is its very nature as an epistolary, dialogic novel, in which the authorial tone alternates between the fascistically facetious and the mirthfully liberal.
This fascistically inspired triumphalism can be found in a number of recent books churned out to gratify the demands of a much celebrated jingoism.
One thing he didn't like, he says, is that it treats everything as a "mistake," as if "we didn't do anything fascistically motivated."
Despite the claim to a greater degree of modernization, essentially the same process can be seen in Europe where anti-immigrant feelings combined with continued high unemployment have dramatically impacted politics--contributing to post-Nazi Joerg Haider's rise to influence and Silvio Berlusconi's fascistically inclined government in Italy.
Not to enforce fascistically the tired bromide of freshman comp ("write what you know about"), but such wide and deliberate veering from experience demands reexamining the premise of mimetic realism.