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relating to or characteristic of fascism


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Well, if we wish to understand what is going on in Turkey, we need to see these unmistakable signs of fascistic tendencies.
As regards the student parades, they are a fascistic custom that was imposed in Greece in 1936 by the fascist dictator Ioannis Metaxas and which we, aping the Greeks as always, copied.
Just as Hitler was militaristic, aggressive and fascistic - so is Putin.
Ukip is nowadays led by morons who have no policies and are fascistic - and the chickens are coming home to roost" - Professor Alan Sked, founder of Ukip in 1991.
A growing backlash against this fascistic campaign has shown that most refuse to swallow the xenophobic rhetoric we are fed by politicians on a regular basis.
The governments have all collapsed, once great cities have turned into open mass graves and fascistic militias battle with marauding cultic gangs for dominance of the few remaining survivors and resources.
While open to interpretation, the scene's fascistic imagery may hint at the country's domination by outside forces in the form of capitalism.
Quivering with an excitement he does little to disguise, Fry constantly addresses his audience, anxious to convince them--and himself--that Wagner's genius overrides his avowed anti-Semitism and the fascistic ends to which his music was put.
Panorama heaped the latest embarrassment on UEFA by highlighting the fascistic tendencies of some fans in this year's Euros host countries.
What emerges are similarities between Israel, Canada, and the US in the support for fascistic leaders by a portion of the public blinded by cult-like distortions of reality.
Its successive governments are criminal and fascistic, and subsequently, they 'fit the profile'.
In addition to that fascistic gramophone, Elli Bunton's too-grey, too-solid set was based on M.
Kostovska wonders whether there is really anyone that believes that the Greek guardsmen "spontaneously" recited fascistic slogan, that they were not trained to do this and that nobody ordered this.
That "contemporary liberalism, in part thanks to its own dogmatic intellectual amnesia, retains an affinity for fascistic ideas through its profound indebtedness to progressivism.
That says it all; a Muslim councillor speaking out against the UAF/SWP alliance and thus highlighting that alliance's own hidden and real agenda of trouble, fascistic bans and revolutionary political change.