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relating to or characteristic of fascism


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A number of states have used fascistic methods to crush democratic opposition through violence and laws that offended against the basic norms of justice.
He warned that ultimately Modi's totalitarian RSS methods would end in worst defeat, saner voices in India would emerge in favour of the Kashmiris and Modi's fascistic election treachery would show him door in both Kashmir and India.
That said, the rise of global fascistic movements, stimulated by Donald Trump and his Zionist allies in the Israeli government, are hard at work toward their mutual interest of global apartheid, often using the internet to disperse false information ("fake news").
It's also, in a way, fascistic and must be put in its place.
To call for banning a book before it is in the market reveals an autocratic, if not fascistic, mindset.
According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, fascistic societies are collectively identifiable by the following: extreme militaristic nationalism; contempt for electoral democracy and political/cultural liberalism (in the classic sense where government is a "necessary evil"); belief in natural social hierarchy and rule of elites; and the desire to create a "people's community" in which personal interests are subordinated to the nation.
Last year, took action against a number of communities that hosted explicit content as well as (http://www.ibtimes.com/white-supremacists-banned-online-google-discord-act-remove-extremist-content-2578447) racist, fascistic and white nationalist communities.
Even if this is understood as 'mere' verbal violence, it still betrays a fascistic streak that calls Roque's entire previous career in human rights work into question.
His period of prominence coincided with the fascistic McCarthy era, he was part of the Committee for the first Amendment, the Hollywood Delegation that flew to Washington to protest at the first official hearings by the House Committee on Un-American activities.
However, this time, I cannot find any word other than "fascism." If this is not a fascistic tendency, what is it?
Green politician Maggie Chapman, the rector of Aberdeen University, called Trump's plans "fascistic" and said his campaign was "disgustingly racist".
Anyone who wants to understand how the Jews of Franceand most other places in the Diaspora, including the United Statesfeel inside, especially at times when we are targeted by men with guns who represent a radical, fascistic ideology bent on killing us, should take a look at these two videos from the Grand Synagogue of Paris after a solidarity rally that brought an estimated 1.5 million people into the streets to declare their support for free speech and their opposition to Islamist terrorism.
The supremacy of the state and the individual's role in feeding this parasitic institution are unapologetically clear in the writings of men like Goebbels, while more subtle, but no less fascistic musings and thoughts surround us today.
"Do you believe that the life imprisonment sentence was delivered on the day when the trial began or when Minister of Interior Gordana Jankuloska informed about the arrests or when the prosecutor held a fascistic speech about the motives for the killings?
Just as Hitler was militaristic, aggressive and fascistic - so is Putin.