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infestation with the liver fluke Fasciola hepatica


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Important economic losses associated with fasciolosis are: great expenses on anthelmintics for treatment; liver condemnation; production loss due to mortality; lower production of meat, milk and wool; reduced weight gain; metabolic diseases and impaired fertility [6,7].
Fasciolosis like other parasites requires snail as intermediate host (organism that supports the non-reproductive forms of a parasite).
The aims of this paper are to report parasitological observations on a family outbreak of human fasciolosis diagnosed in Italy and to molecularly characterize the parasites recovered.
Estas pruebas han sido utiles para establecer la prevalencia y la distribucion de fasciolosis en Inglaterra, Wales y Belgica (3, 16, 30); de igual manera el ELISA en leche ha evidenciado la correlacion entre los niveles de anticuerpos anti-F.
The AHVLA data is backed by reports from vets, who have found a growing number of fasciolosis cases at postmortem examinations.
On one day alone last September, when 4,752 sheep went through the Llanybydder slaughterhouse, three out of 10 livers were rejected due to fasciolosis damage.
Fasciola gigantica cathepsin-L cysteine proteinase in the detection of early experimental fasciolosis in ruminants.
The disease caused by liver fluke worms - Fasciolosis - has a huge impact on livestock globally, causing ill health in animals and dramatically reducing productivity.
Esta parasitosis, igual que la oncocercosis y fasciolosis, que ocuparon el segundo y tercer lugar en frecuencia, son consideradas por la OPS como enfermedades desatendidas y sobre las cuales se deben realizar mas investigaciones (PAHO, 2007).