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infestation with the liver fluke Fasciola hepatica


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Bovine fascioliasis results in significant blood loss with all associated consequences (Soun et al., 2006); nevertheless, adverse effects depend on the parasite load (Coop and Kryziakis., 2001; Wiedosari et al., 2006).
Fascioliasis is a parasitic disease that has acute (hepatic) and chronic (biliary) phases.
Hepatobiliary fascioliasis: imaging characteristics with a new finding.
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Prevalence of bovine fascioliasis in different commercial and non-commercial dairy farms of District Rajanpur, Punjab, Pakistan.
Ovine fascioliasis prevalence and associated risk factors in Menz Gera Midr Woreda of North Shoa Zone, Ethiopi.
Fungusbenzimidazole interactions: a prerequisite to deploying egg-parasitic fungi Paecilomyces lilacinus and Verticillium chlamydosporium as biocontrol agents against fascioliasis and amphistomiasis in ruminant livestock.
(1) Despite this ancient record of use, clinical trials on myrrh were lacking until recently, when a group of Egyptian scientists examined its value in the treatment of fascioliasis (liver fluke).
Epidemiology and chemotherapy of fascioliasis in goats.
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[4] observed a fasciolicidal effect of Calligonum comosum which appeared more effective in treatment of fascioliasis than triclabendazole (TCBZ).
The most frequent hepatic diseases encountered in slaughtered bovine are telangiectasia, hepatitis, perihepatitis (adhesions), fascioliasis, hydatidosis, tuberculosis, abscesses, and cirrhosis (LAUZER et al., 1979; MENDES & PILATI, 2007).
(4) Treatment of fascioliasis and filarial infections varies and expert consultation is recommended.