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After a spell back in Rome he returned to his native Portugal and compiled Fasciculus e Japponicis floribus which details the fate of the 54 Christians martyred in Japan between 1597 and the 1640s.
White matter alterations were observed within bilateral anterior thalamic radiation and superior longitudinal fasciculus that intersects with subinsular white matter.
Diffusion abnormalities of the uncinate fasciculus in Alzheimer's disease: diffusion tensor tract-specific analysis using a new method to measure the core of the tract.
His ability to repeat phrases, along with his intact comprehension and objectively fluent speech made a diagnosis of a conduction aphasia the most likely, indicating the possibility of arcuate fasciculus pathology.
fasciculus primus can serve to illustrate the contacts of Rudolf II's Kapelle with the spiritual and humanistic milieux of Prague.
Another imaging study [29] indicated that white matter tract damage of corpus callosum, right superior longitudinal and inferior longitudinal fasciculus, and left uncinate may contribute to the executive deficits in PSP.
A long flat bundle of nerves called the vertical occipital fasciculus, or VOF, the structure appeared in textbooks on the brain for about 30 years around the end of the 19th century, then mysteriously dropped out of sight completely.
Previous imaging studies reported that impairments in the uncinate fasciculus (UF), which connects the frontal and temporal lobes, might contribute to the slower intra-hemispheric processing in SZ.
Superficial to the main part of the ligament is a strong fasciculus, derived from the tendon of the Semimembranosus and passing from the back part of the medial condyle of the tibia obliquely upwards and laterally to the back part of the lateral condyle of the femur.
In one analysis, the two structures--the arcuate fasciculus, which is involved in reading and language, and the corticospinal tract, which plays a role in motor coordination-appeared short and fairly smooth.
Imaging to assess brain microstructure identified increased fractional anisotropy in the anterior right arcuate fasciculus of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, which was not present in age- and sex-matched control subjects.
34) demonstrated the cause of pure alexia neuroradiologically in a patient with surgical damage that cut the interrelation of the "visual word area" located on the left occipitotemporal sulcus and the occipital cortex; the connection between the two is the inferior longitudinal fasciculus, and injury to this pathway leads to a typical disconnection syndrome.