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In the injured nerve, individual fascicular repair demands identification and isolation of fascicle as the fascicle is the smallest unit of nerve tissue that can be visualized and manipulated surgically.
Plantlet regeneration from fascicular buds of seedlings shoot apices of Pinus roxburghii Sarg.
Thus, oculomotor fascicular fibers that innervate inferior rectus muscles and pupillary sphincter were grouped in the rostral and medial parts, passing through the red nucleus (7).
They contain perinuclear vacuoles in fascicular growth pattern and consist of storiform and epithelioid cells.
Besides indicating a possible right fascicular blockade, this pattern suggested a critical underlying pathology.
Caption: Figure 2: Proliferation of spindle or oval cells, arranged in a fascicular fashion with ropey collagen fibres, associated with variably dilated blood vessels often displaying staghorn-like appearance.
Cells were either fascicular or palisade in structure.
Characteristically, schwannomas present with findings such as the target sign, fascicular appearance, and hypointense rim on T2-weighted images (Figure 8) [13, 14].
Microscopic examination shows a mesenchymal tumor dominated by well demarcated fascicular proliferations of myofibroblastic spindle cells admixed with plasma cells, lymphocytes, and histiocytes.
Histologically, the cervical mass was highly cellular and consisted of densely packed spindle-shaped to oval-shaped cells with high-grade atypia with a fascicular patterned arrangement and occasional lymphocytic infiltration.
The cellular fibrostroma consists of plump fibroblastic spindle cells arranged in fascicular to storiform pattern with basophilic nuclei.
Demyelinating plaques may involve the trigeminal nuclei, the fascicular fibers in the brainstem, or extend into the root entry zone of the cisternal segment (7).
Based on the injury type, the nerve repair biomaterial market is segmented into epineural nerve repair, perineural nerve repair, and group fascicular repair.
The EKG showed sinus bradyarrhythmia, 45-60 bpm, QRS axis at -45 degrees, left anterior fascicular block, an atrial extrasystole with incomplete compensatory postextrasystolic pause, three isolated premature QRS complexes with a right bundle branch block morphology, with rsR' aspect in V1, but with normal QRS duration (0.08 sec), which could have been either junctional extrasystole with aberrant intraventricular conduction or ventricular extrasystole with the origin in the proximal portion of the interventricular septum, with compensatory pauses.