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an installment of a printed work


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The strength of this study lies in Heginbotham's demonstration that reading poems in fascicle contexts encourages interpretations that are either not apparent or not as vivid when the poems are read in isolation.
Both US and CR revealed disorders in the continuity of the muscular fascicles and their deformity in the patients with posttraumatic shortening.
Finally, fascicle length was estimated by the following geometric formula (L in Figure 1; right):
The mean value was calculated from these three muscle fascicles for fascicle length and pennation angle.
The pennation angle of the typical fascicle (unaffected region) showed minor changes during the examination period.
It seems that anterior dislocation of the posterior segment of the lateral meniscus can occur when risk factors such as insufficiency of the popliteomeniscal fascicles and internal rotation of the knee joint are present; this dislocation could lead to irreducible subluxation of the lateral meniscus if the dislocated meniscus is not reduced spontaneously during extension of the knee joint.
Antoni A areas reveal compact strands and fascicles of spindle cells that are fibrillated (1).
While earlier scholars have argued that Dickinson intended the fascicles to function as books, Socarides counters that Dickinson uses not the fascicle but rather the individual folded sheet as "her primary unit of construction" (26).
However, no suitable nerve fascicle could be identified for cable nerve graft anastomosis and primary nerve grafting was not done.
A change in lumbar curvature can alter fascicle obliquity, lever arm distance, and the length-tension relationships of the erector spinae (McGill et al 2000, Raschke and Chaffin 1996, Singh et al 2011, Tveit et al 1994).
According to Bassett and coworkers originally (72) and then other investigators, (40,41,44) a distal fascicle of the anterior inferior tibiofibular ligament is usually present.
Nerve fascicles from branches of human sciatic nerves were traced to create fascicle maps.
Microscopically, the tumor resected with mastectomy was a hypercellular nodule, and was composed of pleomorphic and hyperchromatic spindle-shaped cells arranged in an interdigitating fascicle (The tumors were circumscribed microscopically and were mild hypercellular nodules.