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bundle of rods containing an axe with the blade protruding

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Noteworthy also was COKE's marginal note alluding to Virgil, which emphasized the inflexibility of parliament man, who would yield neither to <<people's fascias, nor to king's scarlett>> (Ilum non populi fasces, non purpura regum flexit).
Por ejemplo, se encuentran referencias grecolatinas en los himnos nacionales de Argentina (1812), Uruguay (1833), Paraguay (1846) o Colombia (1850); los escudos incluyen cornucopias, fasces romanas, laureles, gorros frigios .
It is then shed into the environment through the fasces where it can spread rapidly through a community, especially in situations of poor hygiene and sanitation.
Modern backing is made from high tech chemicals which are extruded into threads, then braided together multiplying strength and stretch resistance like a fasces.
Todo esto se perdio, si es posible que un ciudadano romano, en una provincia del pueblo romano, en una ciudad federada, sea amarrado y flagelado en medio del foro, por aquel que adquiere sus fasces y el hacha por el favor del pueblo romano
1) En el Medievo, las insignias de soberania, entre las que figura el pomo, fueron referidas como potestatis fasces, indumenta regalia, insignia regalia, tal como recoge O.
Further, because every colossus demands its adulators and its worshipers, and because an increasingly secularized America recognized the need for a new sentimental state religion, the political, business, and booster classes chose "Freedom" as the national ideology, symbolized by the national bird clutching fasces of arrows in its claws.
In the foreground on the right, the Emperor's warriors bow before the monk; one of them lays fasces before him in a gesture of recognition of his power to administer justice.
To redirect the misconception and explain my point, I carry a bundle of sticks tied together to represent these fasces.
39) Siguiendo el testimonio de Dion Casio, unico autor que nos brinda un testimonio cronologico de estos acontecimientos, en septiembre, Caligula depuso a los dos consules en funciones tras romperles las fasces bajo la excusa de no haber celebrado su cumpleanos (31 de Agosto) y haber conmemorado la victoria de su bisabuelo Augusto sobre su otro bisabuelo Marco Antonio (2 y 3 de Septiembre).
Steel (1885) identified fungal infection usually occurring round the rim of the back feet, at the edge of the hoof slipper, which he attributed to imperfect removal of urine and fasces from the picketing ground.
1919: In Italy, fascism - named from the fasces, a bundle of sticks that was an ancient Roman symbol of authority - became an organised political movement following the founding of Fasci di Combattimento by Benito Mussolini a month earlier.
In Mussolini's Rome, the fasces of the Roman Empire, the official symbol of the regime, is being reproduced everywhere "(though [as Payne notes] in 1928 Mussolini did order that it be removed from Italian garbage carts).
As an ensemble, however, bound by Professor Gabbin's expert editing and Sandra Govan's unifying afterword, the stories function like the Roman fasces, creating tightly conjoined communal strength.