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a method of athletic training (especially for runners) in which strenuous effort and normal effort alternate in a continuous exercise

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The Fartlek method (initiator Swedish Homer, but its development was done within the Australian semifond school).
Start with 15 minutes steady jogging then 45 minutes fartlek of two minutes jog, two minutes at pace, one minute walk, recovery, then repeat
Typically endurance training involves LSD runs, HR fartlek, and perhaps light intervals.
We both loved this stretch of the route; we'd fartlek in
The jog leaders split themselves throughout each group to cater for different paces, therefore the speed you run at is not important The sessions may also incorporate some fartlek training.
A: The funniest word in the English language is fartlek (an athletic training regime); other funny words include furphy, pratfall, parp and firkin.
Muitas vezes os metodos de treinamento de ciclismo indoor sao baseados no estilo conhecido como fartlek, o qual nao determina uma unica relacao temporal entre os estimulos fortes e fracos, e possivel que a resposta da FC nao represente a intensidade real de esforco durante a pedalada.
Thu 10 mins easy, then 20 mins fartlek (free-form fast and slow running)
On your long training route, run at a steady pace but for your shorter run make it more interesting by doing fartlek (interval) training - running for five minutes then jogging for three and so on.
The essence of Fartlek is it is shaped by the individual but should contain some of the following elements: Five minutes warm-up followed by about half a mile of good pace running followed by jogging until recovered.
Fartlek training, which intersperses short-fast sections with long-slow sections during a continuous run, to great training for climbing.
Em janeiro aconteceu o treino metabolico atraves do fartlek simulando o jogo, com o objetivo de exercitar a velocidade de resistencia.