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a method of athletic training (especially for runners) in which strenuous effort and normal effort alternate in a continuous exercise

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The Fartlek method (initiator Swedish Homer, but its development was done within the Australian semifond school).
Start with 15 minutes steady jogging then 45 minutes fartlek of two minutes jog, two minutes at pace, one minute walk, recovery, then repeat
In some ways Telemark is the skiing equivalent of fartlek. The main innovation is in the ski itself: Telemark bindings leave the skier's heel free to make turns with flexed knees.
Michailov developed an interval method, borrowed from the fartlek and represented by alternating repetitions of easy and "difficult" rotes with short rest intervals (Fig.
Finally, in the Quick Tip Jon Wade of Motley Fitness explains all about the newest fitness trend, Fartleks. Readers can learn to increase their running strength and stamina just by doing Fartlek running sessions.
We meet each Wednesday evening and offer a variety of options including organised interval training and Fartlek sessions.
HR Fartlek: An alternative to LSD could be a fartlek style workout (Swedish for "speed play," a varied intensity form of interval training) to increase your endurance.
This includes long slowdistance training, pace or tempo training, interval training, circuit training and fartlek training.
A great technique to turbo charge your routine and make huge gains is the interval-based "Fartlek" method.
A fartlek workout and circuit training session supervised by Holmes worked the girls into a sweat at the event, before their middle distance heroin delivered workshops on anti-doping, injury prevention and on how parents could help make a difference during the leap from junior to senior athletics.
We both loved this stretch of the route; we'd fartlek in
The jog leaders split themselves throughout each group to cater for different paces, therefore the speed you run at is not important The sessions may also incorporate some fartlek training.
A: The funniest word in the English language is fartlek (an athletic training regime); other funny words include furphy, pratfall, parp and firkin.
Muitas vezes os metodos de treinamento de ciclismo indoor sao baseados no estilo conhecido como fartlek, o qual nao determina uma unica relacao temporal entre os estimulos fortes e fracos, e possivel que a resposta da FC nao represente a intensidade real de esforco durante a pedalada.