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a hoop worn beneath a skirt to extend it horizontally

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Urgently needed counselling so had lunch at the Fourposter and Farthingale with Cassandra, to talk over latest problems while picking at congealed vegetarian lasagne and swigging bottle of Botswana Ultra Lite.
Not until she's struggled free of her body's snare as from a farthingale, not until she's gone through the hoops of we're and bone and peeled that great prepuce
Some will have it that it portends the Downfall of the French King, and observe that the Farthingale appeared in England a little before the Ruin of the Spanish Monarchy.
However, as Eyre prospers, he moves up into well-heeled government circles and his raucous wife (the hugely comic Vivien Parry) fusses along beside him, assuming a fake genteel accent as her farthingale and his girth grows wider by the minute.
REF: M/FP/0756/13/P Address: 56 Farthingale Way, Hemlington Proposal: Conservatory at rear.
Similarly, Speed's Queen Anne (see figure 5) and the female figure in the View each wears a fashionable decollete bodice, a dress spread by a wheel farthingale, a large lace-trimmed starched band, lace-edged cuffs, a double row of neck pearls, and a high head-tire; each holds a handkerchief in her left hand, and each carries a fan, though that of Speed's noblewoman is not the feather fan of the woman in the View.
Kimberley Jane Doyle, 24, of Farthingale Way, Hemlington, fined PS90 and ordered to pay PS65 costs for speeding.
Both he and his lady wore elaborate and voluminous costumes; she wore a farthingale and puffed sleeves and a ruff, and he wore a slashed doublet and cape, and a sword at his side.
His former partner, whose name was still on the deeds for the Farthingale Way property after their split, knew nothing of the loan he'd taken out in both of their names.
Other aspects of the design are not so successful, notably the basque and farthingale in which Richard Scott's androgynous Oberon is asked to exercise his over-busy movements.
Fire crews rushed to the home in Farthingale Way as the young family waited outside just before 1pm on Saturday.
Coulby Newham 17 pounds 186,909 6 Eagle Park, Marton-in-C'land 15 pounds 171,560 7 Fox Howe, Coulby Newham 14 pounds 134,107 8 Farthingale Way, Hemlington 13 pounds 126,762 9 Coulby Manor Fm, Coulby New' 13 pounds 158,496 10 Woodrush, Coulby Newham 12 pounds 158,016
Barry McDonough, 26, of Farthingale Way, Hemlington, banned from driving for six months and fined pounds 350 with pounds 60 costs for using a vehicle without insurance and driving without an appropriate licence.
It tells the story of a Mr and Mrs Farthingale (these and other names have been changed), who invested nearly pounds 20,000 with a long-standing friend, Mr Wallace, who had an authorised firm, Wallace (Life Protection) Ltd.