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Synonyms for fart

expel intestinal gases through the anus

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For those who want more stink and laughs, the Fart Store contains a number of themed Fart Packs available for instant purchase.
Says Wertz, "I named the comic The Fart Party because I had no idea it would become my career.
3) This theory on sniffing fart smell was first developed in 2007 by Marian Lemle, whose work has been published in the Journal of Medical Hypotheses in September of 2008.
MILLER, Tim & Matt Stanton There is a Monster Under My Bed Who Farts ABC, 2012 unpaged $24.
Written and illustrated by Australian pair Michael Westlake and Rebel Challenger, and developed by Diggy Australia, Colin the Reindeer and the Fart That Saved Christmas is a heart-warming - and possibly global warming - story of a friendly reindeer who dreams of making Santa's sleigh team for the Christmas Eve delivery run.
There is nothing like a fart to, quite literally, release the tension of any situation, and the politician in Malawi who recently attempted to outlaw farting in public should be ashamed of himself.
Eventually, in an official, yet unscripted moment that I have been given permission by Fiona Looney to use at will, I walked on and ad-libbed that it was indeed me who was not Queen of Heart, but Queen of Fart.
Fart Club "honours" will be sent to champions of freedom, including newspaper columnists, radio and TV presenters and politicians.
Trying to get in on the action, I wrote my own tag, Nek Fart, in permanent marker on the back of the front seat headrest as we sped through the night.
A note for the Castro-haters on the left, of whom there are many, with some good reasons ("Fidel, You Ol' Fart," by Molly Ivins, October issue).
By any name--paint peeler, pocket thunder, fart or foghorn--gas gets lots of pop culture play.
And there were more fart jokes this time, so it was a big coming-home for me in many ways.
While Bindy admits that her father can be embarrassing and her mother difficult, she finds herself plunged into social isolation because of a little whistling fart in RE.
From who got expelled for mooning his teacher, to who's fart was sold on eBay, Celebrity Anecdotes is packed full of random facts sure to make the reader laugh and reflect.
As King Arthur drolly underplayed by Tim Curry, who's come a long way since Rocky Horror--leads his merry band through encounters with the Knights Who Say Ni, the French Taunter ("I fart in your general direction