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Synonyms for farsighted

characterized by foresight

Synonyms for farsighted

able to see distant objects clearly

planning prudently for the future

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In this situation, the manufacturer behaves farsightedly while the retailer is myopic.
My father's reasoning was, typing skills would come in handy over the next four years and, even more farsightedly, I could always get a respectable job in a nice office if by some misfortune I failed to find a husband during those years or subsequently.
it is a format that conservatives have not exploited, and we think that conservatives need, persistently and farsightedly, to wage the battle of ideas at the level of ideas rather than at the level of particular policies, important as they are.
Although starting out by making concrete pipes, Wei Mon has farsightedly diversified its production to explore booming markets for eco-friendly products, and hence has had heavyweight corporations, such as Wal-Mark, Starbucks, McDonald's and 7-11, on its client list in recent years.
Ballinger farsightedly diversified Toyota's funding sources, providing the company with a competitive advantage, and pushed a pre-crisis focus on risk and liquidity management that gave it more borrowing power.
Those with an earthy eye to viniculture will farsightedly discern wine's red essence in the fullness of the processional, endlessly cycling rehearsal of change which it expresses, and from which it is expressed.