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  • adj

Synonyms for farsighted

characterized by foresight

Synonyms for farsighted

able to see distant objects clearly

planning prudently for the future

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However, when cooperated with a far-sighted manufacturer, a myopic retailer charges a higher steady state retail price than the price the farsighted retailer charges; that is, [p.sup.m.sub.ss] > [p.sup.f.sub.ss].
This is a journey that we began under the farsighted vision of our founding father, Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, whose legacy defines the UAE's past and will continue to define its future.
And with government anomalies happening left and right (e.g., at the PNP, the Department of Transportation and Communications), together with the looming power shortage and other crises, maybe it's time for some straight talk from a capable, aggressive and farsighted leader and, assuming he has the guts to do it to his "own people," start cracking the whipespecially now that his "Daang Matuwid" is turning out to be a "Daang Paikotikot" instead, full of potholes and going in circles!
I congratulate her and the University of Tulsa for being legally farsighted and truly responsive to the Native community's needs.
Farsighted has won on heavy ground at York, while connections of Legendary Guest and Albaqaa think their colts will appreciate some give in the ground.
It's often found in conjunction with nearsightedness, or myopia, but also can be found in people who are farsighted. It is not related to either condition.
With age, Franklin also became farsighted: Light from nearby objects focused behind his retina.
Selection of a butterfly as the logo for the 1987 International Camping Congress, hosted by the American Camp Association, was farsighted and fortuitous in many ways.
Preservationists and farsighted developers launched a heroic revival in the late '80s, with an assist from NBC's Miami Vice, and voile, a sun- and sex-soaked hot spot was born, christened South Beach.
They reject both the conspiracy and appeasement charges and the claims that he was extraordinarily perceptive, farsighted, and prophetic and an enormously skilled executive.
Vision: farsighted, persuasive, resourceful, having a global view.
Farsighted business leaders may be concluding that Bush is too reckless a driver of the company SUV.
It's a good question, answered best by noting that Bernie Staller's farsighted leadership ensures that the National FFA, America's premier youth leadership organization, sustains its goal of student success established more than 75 years ago.
A good pail" of glasses would complete all outfit." Today, Salvant, who is farsighted, has roughly 50 pairs of eyeglasses and shades, some of which she interchanges by switching lenses.