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the production of a litter of pigs

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Silicone devices containing 1g of progesterone were not effective in delaying farrowing, once 2 out of 5 sows initiated farrowing before IVD withdrawal.
Three sows (20%) in the MPA100 group began farrowing before IVD removal.
Based on the low efficiency of P4 to delay farrowing, MPA was used in the last experiment.
Farrowing supervision is a mandatory practice to reduce the loss of newborn piglets in swine breeding herds, but requires a full-time presence of workers in the maternity, increasing expenses with labour.
The group farrowing pen comprised 5 adjacent farrowing nests on each side, a dunging area in the middle part of the pen, and two passages circling the pen.
Sows were weaned at 28 days after farrowing and returned to their original gestation system.
Detailed behavioral observations were carried at the following times in the reproductive cycle: i) on the first day when gilts were allocated to each housing treatment, ii) day of service, iii) 80 days after service, iv) 109 days after service, immediately after transfer to farrowing crates, v) 24 hours before farrowing, vi) day of farrowing, vii) 14 days after farrowing, viii) 27 days after farrowing and ix) 28 days after farrowing, immediately after weaning.
Separate analyses were carried out to compare the 4 treatment combinations, or pooled data for the different dry sow housing systems and farrowing systems.
HERD PROFILE FOCUS IMPROVEMENTS ON All herds Lower wean age, increase average parity and matings/service Low PPSY Breeding techniques: Farrowing rate and nonproductive days Medium PPSY Breeding techniques: Farrowing rate and nonproductive days Litter size High PPSY Breeding techniques: Farrowing rate and nonproductive days Litter size Preweaning mortality SETTING PRODUCTION TARGETS--22 PPSY TODAY, 30 PPSY TOMORROW
A farrowing barn worker who has been delivered sows with 12 pigs/litter has the tools to wean a very high number of PPSY.
In this example, the farrowing rate is a fraction (0.80, not 80%) and crate occupancy is a fraction (1.10, not 110%).
But with the farrowing shed badly damaged by fire, the couple now have to find new quarters for their pigs during the cold weather.
These effects can be explained by the housing system changes combined with different space allowances between pregnancy and farrowing accommodation.
There is a tendency for sows which are fatter at farrowing, as were gilts from the ESF system, to lose more fat during lactation (Spoolder et al., 1997).
When considering the effects of farrowing system on sow performance, the differences in mean body weight before farrowing can be explained by the residual effects of pregnancy housing treatments.