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Synonyms for farrier

a person who shoes horses


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The farrier struck a blow upon them with his hammer, and the crowd groaned; but, no more was done.
The farrier looked at the landlord, and the landlord looked at the butcher, as the person who must take the responsibility of answering.
The farrier leaned forward with his hands on his knees as he put this question, and his eyes twinkled knowingly.
I knew that very well," said the farrier, throwing himself backward again, and speaking defiantly; "if I don't know Mr.
The farrier looked fierce, and the mild butcher's conversational spirit was roused a little.
Well, it's the cow as I drenched, whatever it is," pursued the farrier, angrily; "and it was Mr.
No," said the farrier, with bitter sarcasm, looking at the company generally; "and p'rhaps you aren't pig-headed; and p'rhaps you didn't say the cow was a red Durham; and p'rhaps you didn't say she'd got a star on her brow--stick to that, now you're at it.
The farrier was puffing his pipe rather fiercely, in some contempt at this trivial discussion.
said the landlord, turning to the farrier, who was swelling with impatience for his cue.
I'm obliged to you," said the farrier, with a snort of scorn.
Yes, that's what every yapping cur is, when you hold a stick up at him," said the farrier.
A FARRIER was banned for working for a month by watchdogs after his son was allowed to work on a horse.
at international level and the role the sheer to be at competing the level of skill craftsmanship involved in farrier as well as dedication required the top level.
Mr Lavelle was not a registered farrier or registered apprentice farrier at the time of the incident in April 2011.
There is a danger here, too, which Farrier recognizes and resists with theoretic fervor.