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Synonyms for farness

the fact or condition of being far removed or apart

Synonyms for farness

the property of being remote

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Sappho "will have to invoke a God who arrives bringing her own absence with her--a God whose Farness is the more Near.
1 1 0.5 Note: (1) OutDegree; (2) InDegree; (3) Farness; (4) Closeness; (5) Betweenness; (6) Eigenvector; (7) Level of hierarchy in clique; (8) Effective; (9): Efficient Source: Analysis, 2016 [FIGURE 3 OMITTED]
Carcross | Our friend Robert Service was spot on when he wrote his book The Spell of the Yukon, highlighting 'the freshness, the freedom and the farness.' He was certainly one for powerful alliteration.
The dawn of the electric age witnessed the destruction of both nearness and farness. In the following passage, Heidegger (1971) reiterates that nearness is not a matter of physical proximity, but the sense of togetherness that is created when the thing things:
The previous study conducted by Legaspino in 2012 presented that the nearness or farness of the house from the sea significantly help in the propagation of Ascaris lumbricoides.
However, the overall mean's farness to the perfect value of 3 suggests that there were few dissertations that used statistical tools through which a weak inference can be drawn, thus less appropriate but not inappropriate,
They said is Hazara is created on the plea of its farness from Peshawar, than people of Malakand and D.I.Khan will also made the same demand.
"It was in 2006 that Thomas Zehetmair did a piece of mine called Farness, for soprano, viola and orchestra, and asked: 'Would you be prepared to write a double concerto for me and my wife, Ruth?' I jumped at the chance.
Davis's key recommendation for improving DOD resource management is to emphasize "FARness"--that is, flexibility, adaptiveness, and robustness.
Closeness is defined as the inverse of farness, which in turn, is the sum of distances to all other nodes [7].
"Defamiliarization" in the Shklovskian sense could also be understood as a step aside from current reality, as a kind of distance or "farness" created between the reader and the real world, which liberates one from acquired automatism and enables him/her to grasp the seemingly estranging meaning of postmodern fiction.
By adjusting the depth of the camera's zoom in inversely proportionate and increasingly distant measures, Gehr presents the hallway fluctuating between views of increasing nearness and farness, the discrepancy of which shifts from being imperceptible to strongly polarized.
Low value is mainly due to some factors like access difficulty, farness from major population centers of the province and country, not presenting the region potentials, people attitude to tourism, passing free time, and not paying attention to ecotourism in its real meaning.
Washington and Gustavus Adolphus, forgive our decay (131) That Moore initially sets her poem in a museum gallery is significant, as the spatial topos of a museum supplies the poem with competing notions of nearness and farness, the domestic and the foreign.