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Synonyms for farmland

a rural area where farming is practiced


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arable land that is worked by plowing and sowing and raising crops

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LandFund Partners, a Tennessee-based farmland investment and management firm, has announced it has agreed to acquire over USD 10m of farmland properties in the second quarter 2019, the company said.
This survey series is the first of its kind in the nation and the only consistent information on the ownership, tenure, and transitions of farmland at the state level.
This article explains how interest rates impact farmland returns in the context of traditional capitalization arguments.
About Agcapita: Agcapita is one of Canada's most experienced farmland investors with a 10 year operating hisotry.
Now in an updated second edition, Farmland Preservation: Land for Future Generations is an anthology of scholarly essays by learned authors discussing the problem of securing and protecting sufficient land for food production in the United States and Canada, despite uncertainties in climate, energy availability, and population growth.
farmland has varied widely within and across regions over the last 15 years.
This research note explores the link between farmland conversion and existing land regulation in Russia.
Russia to tighten rules on farmland purchases by foreign entities: Russia's government and national parliament, the State Duma, are planning to significantly tighten controls for the purchase of prime farmland for purchase by foreigners and their Russian subsidiaries.
That is why Kansas City, Mo.-based Farmland has launched the Farmland Bacon Club, an exclusive online promotion with in-store and on-package components.
9/4/2012, NYELENI NEWSLETTER -- Various businesses are joining the rush to get a financial stake in farmland around the world: US agribusiness firms, Asian sovereign wealth funds, European development banks, African private equity groups.
DESPITE the difficult economic climate in the UK and overseas, the UK farmland market shows signs of remaining more robust than other markets, according to Savills' latest agricultural land market survey.
SURGING demand for commercial farmland in Yorkshire saw prices reach record levels for the second consecutive period.
A REPORT by Knight Frank reveals that UK farmland values are hitting record highs.
The Ministry of Agriculture started the campaign for implementation of the system for identification of farmland, which is going to be one of the mandatory criteria for paying subsidies and is also a condition for Macedonia's integration into the European Union.
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