farmer's lung

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alveolitis caused by an allergic reaction to fungal spores in the dust that is inhaled from moldy hay

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Difference in the phenotypes of bronchoalveolar lavage lymphocytes in patients with summer-type hypersensitivity pneumonitis, farmer's lung, ventilation pneumonitis, and bird fancier's lung: report of a nationwide epidemiologic study in Japan.
Also, the elevated CD4/CD8 ratio seen in the BALF in hot tub lung is not typical for HP, although there are reports of variable or increased ratios described with farmer's lung (Ando et al.
'My uncle had suffered ill health with farmer's lung and had not done much to the farm, so everything needed improving,' said Richard, who is Meirionnydd county chair for NFU Cymru.
Types of occupational HP include farmer's lung, bird fancier's lung, and mushroom worker's lung.
Farmer's lung, a prototypical form of HP, has been associated with exposure to thermophilic bacteria and several fungal species.
One we see more often these days is aspergillosis, which was often linked to Farmer's Lung - a severe form of asthma caused by mould.
These include such granulomatous diseases as berylliosis (a disease resulting from exposure to beryllium metal), tuberculosis, farmer's lung disease (hypersensitivity pneumonitis), fungal infections, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever, and cancer of the lymph nodes (lymphoma).
For example, farmer's lung disease results from inhaling spores growing in moldy hay and grains in silos.
Farmer's lung complicated by bilateral pneumothorax and mediastinal emphysema [in Japanese].
There he and colleagues established a recognised world-class laboratory to study Farmer's Lung, Pigeon Breeder's Lung and other lung diseases.
Before his death in September 2004, Hywel suffered from farmer's lung and his health had started to deteriorate.
The microscopic bronchiolar changes in chronic pigeon breeder's disease appeared different from those described for farmer's lung (15).