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a minor-league team that is owned by a major-league team (especially in baseball)

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Eventually, perhaps, the majors might even establish farm clubs in Latin American leagues and uncover future big-time prospects among native talent.
In a sense, MCNs can be seen as a farm club for the studios, like the Groundlings for "Saturday Night Live."
He says that Robinson played for the Montreal Royals, the Dodgers' top farm club, in 1945; it was in 1946.
Currently on-loan at Dinamo's farm club Lokomotiva, the 21-year-old has represented Croatia at every youth level up to Under 21.
Try the Farinet, right across the road, Le Pub Mont Fort, Fer a Cheval and, if you've more money than sense, Le Farm Club.
He signed Jackie Robinson, a standout for the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro National League, to a contract with the Dodgers' top farm club in Montreal.
Because, while liberal, Media Matters is seen as independent, while CAP, founded by Democratic power broker John Podesta, has served, alternately, as the Democratic government-in-waiting and as the administration's farm club, preparing analysts ready to be called up to the big leagues (although it's worth noting that the bloggers under fire, who write for CAP's media outlet ThinkProgress, are not among these analysts, and that actually those analysts have more centrist positions).
What are you doing to further your relationship with your top 20 clients and the top 10 in your "farm club"?
Last year Orren started a farm club at his school--complete with a greenhouse.
His imprint was found in the expertise he brought to state government, persuading prominent Texans to work in his administration, and his Republican "farm club." His appointees became candidates and elected officials.
The trip to the farm club was smooth, with light conversation about hunting tactics, decoy placement and calling.
He had always played the game, and was so good at it that he planned to try out for a Cleveland Indians farm club, the Flint (Michigan) Arrows.
Destiny, by contrast, performed her athletic feat away down in the bush leagues, and so had to make do with the insults of a PETA farm club, the Animal Activists of Alachua.
Why don't you try out with the Lincoln Chiefs (a Class A farm club of the Pittsburgh Pirates)?