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I am aware that the late Minister was a far-sighted leader who worked tirelessly for the welfare of the people throughout his political career.
President of the Republic of Mali, Ibrahim Boubabakar Keita, said Wednesday in Meknes, that the far-sighted vision of His Majesty the King in the field of agriculture is profitable not only for Morocco but also for Africa.
If countries are developed, they are only because of their far-sighted and competent leaders.
He lauded HRH Crown Prince's far-sighted and enlightened visions aiming achieve economic growth and sustainable development.
It has also won over the business community, thanks apparently to the far-sighted decision to allow the Local Enterprise Partnership to lead the way.
The "RF 180 kW" model dryer demonstrates once again that Stalam is among the innovative and far-sighted manufacturers of RF drying equipment for the textile industry worldwide.
Sims, who spent 10 minutes with Tariq, said it was "one of the most powerful, generous and far-sighted interventions I think I've ever seen".
ANKARA, May 9, 2011 (TUR) -- The Turkish prime minister said on Sunday that he believed the European Union (EU) would eliminate the difficulties in Turkey's ongoing negotiation process by the help of a far-sighted vision deriving from its historical relations with Turkey.
Incredible as it might sound, it would be a far-sighted move if, after the vote is completed and, as is widely expected, the referendum supports independence - the South of Sudan extended a hand of friendship to all Sudanese peoples by proposing a new Federation or Confederation that would meet the aspirations of those who live not only in the North but in both Darfur and the South.
Washington-based Georgetown University Eoe1/4" also said His Majesty the Sultan is Eoe1/4Eocharacterised by far-sighted vision in international policyEoe1/4A[yen], a Muscat-based English daily said yesterday.
WITH regard to Llanbedr Aerodrome, thank goodness another wise and far-sighted scribe to your newspaper (September 7).
It is only because the foreign owners of our generating companies have a more far-sighted attitude that we have any prospect of getting more.
SURELY any dimwit could have told our far-sighted leaders that when push comes to shove foreign companies will prioritise their own 'home' customers
With the discount sector predicted to grow to over 10% of the market in the not too-distant future, and with Netto's unique position of being the home of brands in this sector, allied to a robust store opening programme, far-sighted brand owners are approaching us.
I should have said to meet its arduous targets imposed by brilliantly efficient and far-sighted management.