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extremely conservative

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Even Matteo Salvini's party, The League, which claimed 17 per cent of the vote, falls short of the far-right designation.
In its annual State of Hate report, anti-racism organisation HOPE not hate has warned that far-right terrorism and burgeoning online radicalisation are on the rise in Britain this year.
We are facing a surging threat from far-right terrorism and violent extremism," said Hope not Hate chief executive Nick Lowles.
This includes two alleged members of the banned far-right group National Action who are charged in relation with a plot to murder West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper using machetes.
But Rowley said until the last two years, far-right activity was limited to unpleasant protests and hate crimes, with serious incidents limited to the actions of isolated individuals.
Counter terrorism experts are understood to suspect a known far-right extremist based in Glasgow is behind the vile threat.
Both groups are hate-filled extremists prepared to slaughter innocents in the name of warped ideologies and unless the far-right fanatics are checked they will claim more lives.
The party's current leader, Heinz-Christian Strache, once said that the persecution of the far-right in Austria was comparable to that faced by Jews during the Nazi era; Die Aula, a far-right magazine with strong links to the FPAaAaAeAu, recently published an article that assert that the survivors of the Mauthausen concentration camp were a "national plague" and "criminals.
The vice-Chancellor is Heinz Christian Strache, 48, a former dental technician and leader of the far-right Freedom Party.
Vienna [Austria], Dec 17 ( ANI ): Austria has become the only western European state with a far-right presence in the government.
The recent wave of populism should not be confused as the dawn of a new political era in Europe; instead far-right populism has a relatively long history in the continent, which goes back to the interwar period, up till the end of the World War II.
For the past 18 months, political analysts have issued dire warnings about the likelihood that far-right parties could gain power and influence in elections.
Mr Trump sparked outrage in the UK by retweeting three videos from the far-right group, purportedly showing violent acts by Muslims.
Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom on Wednesday raised the issue of President Donald Trump retweeting three anti-muslim videos posted by a British far-right group, asking the government to condemn him.
DOWNING Street has condemned Donald Trump for sharing inflammatory anti-Muslim videos posted online by the deputy leader of the far-right group Britain First.