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Synonyms for far-off

far from others in space, time, or relationship

Synonyms for far-off

very far away in space or time


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She did not take the broad, beaten road which led to the far-off plantation of Valmonde.
A woman with the help of two of her male friends from Dombivili, a far-off suburb in Mumbai cut off her tormentor's genitals because he used to pester her for sex in spite of her being married.
Litigants, who came from far-off areas of the district, were seen sitting in miserable condition on footpaths and waiting for an end to the lawyers' strike.
No lawyer appeared in the courts, which created problems for the litigants, who had come from far-off areas of the district.
A research looking into how different species of mammals, birds, and insects see their surroundings has revealed major differences that suggest human vision is one of the best in the animal kingdom, particularly when it comes to sharpness and discerning the details of far-off objects.
On this occasion, he said that the government had spent Rs651 million on the project for providing better means of communication to the people living in far-off villages along the Sialkot Working Boundary.
Endless Sleep SO silent the brave Young men who went to war Sleep silently brave men In a far-off field Beneath pastures green Where once war was seen The scars of war run deep Beneath this now-quiet land No more the sound of gunfire Reaches their ears No more the sound of shells Exploding very near No more the cries of comrades In pain out in the field Now they are together At peace, in endless sleep This plot of land is home A little piece of England In a field far away Sleep silently brave men As we remember you today.
Summary: At the end of 2015, the 'Shape of You' singer shut off his social accounts, got rid of his phone, and headed to far-off places
The circulating exoplanets cause a dip in the light from these far-off stars.
Clark Company's outstanding Western Frontiersmen series, "This Far-Off Wild Land: The Upper Missouri Letters of Andrew Dawson" is a 336 page biographical compendium featuring original correspondences of a young man of 24 years who, in the mid-1800s, found himself far from his home in Scotland and working for the American Fur Company on the upper Missouri River.
What springs to mind is a far-off digging sound, the likes of
To provide Online banking to these remote and far-off areas in such a short span of time is indeed a gift of NBP to the people of Gilgit Baltistan.
Sometimes there's a cosmic shiver-down-the-spine moment - usually caused by a far-off feel to the vocals and piano - but mostly it skis too far off the mainstream musical piste.
In this fair, deities from various far-off temples are brought and they meet each other in a procession.
Which poets will represent Worcester in the far-off city of Boston?