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radical or extremely liberal

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The far left is feared and hated in equal measure by working people.
It strikes me as odd that far left trade unionists want to get such men and women the sack, caricature them as ogres and refuse them employment while campaigning to support multimillionaire footballers from similar abuse.
But why is it that when the truth is expressed that the far left fights so hard to silence it, as well as debate on issues?
School of health assistant dean Angela Morgan, far left in the picture left, collected the SU On Tour Student Voice Award and lecturer Debra Bunford, on far left in the picture above left, picked up the Outstanding Teaching Award.
5 -- 7 -- color) The inner workings of a "Star Wars" 'droid, far left, are exposed at the California Science Center, where museum-goers can also see space from inside the Millennium Falcon starship, center left, and wield a light saber, as Keri Alexander is doing.
The WTO talks are now facing meltdown and the Doha Development Round that promised so much for the world's poor, may not be salvaged if there is no understanding that the purpose of the exercise is to improve the living standards and ensure the survival of the people and nations so far left out and left behind.
2 The Catalog Company's Janice Johnson, second from left, talks business with Dennis Chin, far left, and Rick Fouse of William Bounds and Jan Murtagh of CDN.
The previously known moon, Charon, lies to the right of the planet, and the other new moon is at the far left.
Fitzgerald gave Jefferson a larger, more accurate nose, cropped the portrait, and placed it on the far left side of the coin.
Caption: NORTHWESTERN PENNSYLVANIA--In March, in the photo at far left, past leaders were recognized during Past Chairmen Night.
There are so many issues surrounding NCLB from the far right and far left.
presidential campaign are, on the far left, Jim Hightower and Phillip Frazer, editors of The Hightower Lowdown, and, on the far right, Thomas L.
With his erstwhile conservative image in tatters, Hatch advised the Model UN delegates to beware of both conservative and liberal extremists, since "they're just as wrong on the far right as they are on the far left.
The ensemble seems innocent until one notices the crossed rifles and sheaves of wheat repeating on the far left and the sitting duck recurring on the far right.
In his review of Takis Michas' Unholy Alliance ("The New Anti-Americanism," September), Gregory Maniatis focuses on Michas's argument regarding the ideological rapprochement between the far left and certain elements of the neo-orthodox far right in contemporary Greece.