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Synonyms for fantasy

Synonyms for fantasy

the power of the mind to form images

any fictitious idea accepted as part of an ideology by an uncritical group; a received idea

a fantastic, impracticable plan or desire

Synonyms for fantasy

fiction with a large amount of imagination in it


something many people believe that is false

indulge in fantasies

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But they have found a way to make their fantasy last all year.
The 'Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition' has been opened for pre-registration on iOS and Android devices.
The NFC runs high-stakes events including the National Fantasy Football Championship, National Fantasy Baseball Championship, and National Fantasy Basketball Championship.
Our objective with Final Fantasy XV was to deliver a Final Fantasy of the highest possible quality to every single person who buys the game," Tabata says in a video message.
Richard Pena Raymond, D-Laredo, has drafted a bill for the upcoming legislative session that would classify fantasy sports as games of skill, not of chance.
TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global Fantasy Sports market to grow at a CAGR of 10.
RTSports has been a fantasy provider for 20 years, having a top commissioner product as well as success with their only daily games and championship-style contests.
Was the issue because he had the dangerous fantasy or was the issue because he planned out the fantasy?
With the acquisition, the buyer seeks to create the premiere destination for fantasy players, where they can get better information and new site tools as well as learn about the top ranked players in the industry, president Emil Kadlec said.
While sports fans care about which team wins, fantasy sports fans care about how well each individual player performed.
Talbot Mundy's Jimgrim series) and utopian fantasy (e.
17 million--The number of fantasy sports participants, 80 percent of whom play fantasy football.
Modern fantasy is inextricably entangled with science fiction as many authors write in both fields or use elements of both in one or the other forms.
More than 70 years after Buck Rogers first rocketed past the moon, fantasy and science fiction fans still dream of a world without traffic jams, world wars and the limits of Mother Earth.
In this who's who of the fantasy genre, authors such as David Weber, Janny wurts, Andre Norton, and David Drake enchant readers with new stories featuring the fantastic worlds and/or characters that made them famous.