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Synonyms for fantastical

Synonyms for fantastical

existing in fancy only


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ludicrously odd

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at The Institute of Fantastical Inventions (or the 'IFI' as it
Eight of us went and we were all very underwhelmed!" In an official statement, The Fantastical Chocolate Festival Bristol apologised to event-goers who were disappointed.
Chris Burrow took these pictures, after being left disappointed by the 'Fantastical Chocolate Festival' in the Baltic Triangle
Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro won the best director Oscar on Sunday for his fantastical romance "The Shape of Water." It was the first Academy Award for del Toro, who is known for making both mainstream action movies like "Hellboy" and offbeat dark fantasies like "Pan's Labyrinth."
However, given that fantastical imagination can increase daydreaming and distract from everyday obligations, it may not seem like a desirable ability to have, at first glance.
The Book of Whispers embraces its fantastical aspects without sacrificing the concrete, and offers an introspective glance into human nature.
Would it contain made-up jemits and calagruffs or would it truly be a gazetteer of the fantastical beasts of our domain?
While VR can seem to transport users to a fantastical virtual reality space, the truth is that each user is still very much limited by the physical world.
"(Animation) gives us more room to tackle weighty issues if we include fantastical elements," Kwapis says.
It is chock-full of crazy names and fantastical storm phenomena that will annoy or amuse, depending on the reader.
A fantastical blend of Jane Eyre's Gothic romance, and Robert Louis Stevenson's unfettered sense of adventure, Zafon's cinematic writing style conjures up a rich, ethereal landscape and imagery that is nothing short of magic.
Doodling, a travelling artist who takes suggestions from schoolchildren in order to create fantastical hybrid animals.
The Georgian-born actor/director last appeared onstage in 2010, and he believes the mad scientist suits his own tendency toward the physical and the fantastical. "Even my accent will really work well for this character," adds Tsikurishvili, who grew up in the Republic of Georgia and recalls starting acting at age nine when "there was nothing for fun behind the Iron Curtain, so it was serious, and we were really heavily trained."
Classic fairy tales have traditionally used many gothic and fantastical elements.
The children were presented with three kinds of stories--religious, fantastical, and realistic, in the words of the study--and asked to differentiate between fact and fiction.