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Synonyms for fantasize



Synonyms for fantasize

to experience dreams or daydreams

Synonyms for fantasize

indulge in fantasies

portray in the mind

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Fantasize had to assume the role of pacemaker that day which probably didn't suit her and she ran a creditable race.
Russian Rhythm and Fantasize will be joined by nine other fillies in the pounds 250,000 contest in which the former - currently trading as short as 4-9 with Bet365 - is bidding to become the first filly since One In A Million in 1979 to complete the 1,000 Guineas-Coronation double.
Fantasize showed she is going the right way by winning on her seasonal debut this year, beating subsequent Lingfield Oaks Trial third Heavenly Bay half a length in a Listed race at Ascot at the end of last month.
But I know my wife also fantasizes about her former suitor.
You can fantasize to your heart's content, but you'll probably never really know what it'd be like if you and Dream Boy got together.
The two groups showed about the same levels of intelligence, psychological health, hypnotizability, and tendency to fantasize, the researchers hold.
Watching William Hurt brilliantly swish, fantasize aloud about movies, become politicized, and lock lips with a macho political prisoner in Kiss of the Spider Woman, one could hear his Best Actor votes being tallied when his character lay beaten and dying.
Easterners who fantasize about California sliding into the sea may be in for a jolt.
Since Marder serves as our proxy, it's easy for us to fantasize that we're in the scene, empathizing, rather than merely watching.
Dialogue is broadcast into our earphones and actor-dancers mime in the windows: two spinsters fantasize about go-go boys; newlyweds make love; an old couple spats; a cop grills a suspect; a New York family kvetches; an immigrant adjusts to urban life; an artist throws a trendy party.
Ask a psychoanalyst, and she'll tell you we use them to project and fantasize. Ask me, and I'll tell you it's our fear of the anonymity that modern life imposes; so many of our transient lives elude the recognition that used to come with an old neighborhood or a lifelong job.
It would give them a chance to fantasize that he's batting for their team--if only for two hours!
In America we are allowed to express anything we believe, think, or fantasize about in writing.
Although the kind of prison these cons are describing in bone-chilling vignettes is, of the kind you only fantasize if you really have issues or if gone to bed after a particularly spicy chalupa.