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an overhang consisting of the fan-shaped part of the deck extending aft of the sternpost of a ship

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Two dead and three sick fantail pigeons as a representative from initial flock of ninety five birds reared as pet at Becharpura, Palanpur were bought for postmortem and diagnostic purpose in the month of August' 2014.
The mother-of-four, 52, today told how caring for the fancy fantail pigeons was her only pastime and gave her a vital break from looking after her disabled parents.
Special mention must go to the well trained fantail pigeons who could so easily have spoilt the very moving final act had they put a feather wrong.
Today the undulating field is usually populated by sheep and in the centre stands a sizeable ancient dovecote renovated and stocked with fantail pigeons by Ted Kerby about 15 years ago.
Two fantail pigeons, an African pygmy hedgehog and a couple sugar gliders took center stage and gave the group more than their share of unconditional love.