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The village vet is clearly distracted at both work and home by the tragic death of his fancy woman Tess.
So he's just a pathetic and his fancy woman is welcome to him.
What the Government is doing can be compared to the actions o f a feckless father who neglects his family but can find any amount of cash to blow on his fancy woman.
Even if you manage to keep it a secret, can you guarantee your fancy woman won't come around to spill the ordure?
Why don't people like my son-in-law and his fancy woman realise the misery the internet can cause?
Your husband and his fancy woman brought everything on themselves.
You don't leave children of that age alone while you have it off with your fancy woman.
But the clock is ticking and not only does Mark have to prevent a war from starting, he has to protect his fancy woman from an assassin.
cheated wife Sally Webster (Sally Whittaker) finally gives hubby Kev's fancy woman Natalie Horrocks (Denise Welch) a piece of her mind - and a well-deserved smack on the mouth.
Carmen also appeared in an episode of Dad's Army as Captain Mainwaring's fancy woman.
Sure you've not got a fancy woman tucked away somewhere?
But when she flounces off Flamenco-style to the land of sun hats and sangria, he isn't dead at all but living it up with his fancy woman Krystell (Rula Lenska) after faking his demise as an insurance scam.