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someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce)

a woman's lover


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Paul Tonkinson: Fancy Man, Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline See March 17.
In fact as we speak he's in Barbados and I'm in a services on the way to Leicester, so draw your own conclusions!" | Paul Tonkinson brings Fancy Man to The Muni Arts Centre tomorrow night.
She even carved up the week for her illicit trysts - Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays with one fancy man; Tuesdays and Fridays with the other.
"Of the other teams who will be pushing for that place, you would fancy Man United to overcome their sticky start and be in contention.
Still, there are some eyebrow-raisers, chiefly such unidiomatic and even ungrammatical locutions as "A number of students is supposed to have greeted him," "with which, if need be, we can live without these days," "some form will find itself," and "what all you made up." "Fancy man" is puzzling for Zuhalter, and one wonders how many readers will identify the Friedrich who said that "everyone should find bliss after his fashion" as Frederick the Great.
Eva has agreed to a frankly ridiculous plan with Toyah and tells fancy man Adam that she is going to the States for four months to do a beauty course.
Silvia has now turned to private detective Keith Coventry to help trace her fancy man - even though she doesn't know his name or have a photo of him.
March 12: Paul Tonkinson - The Fancy Man Comes to Town After storming the UK and International comedy circuit for years and much badgering from fellow professionals, Yorkshire man, and former (double award-winning) Time Out Comedian of the Year, Paul Tonkinson takes to the road, with his eagerly anticipated debut tour.
As I've explained elsewhere on this page, I've major reservations about Man United so fancy MAN CITY to do a job on them in the Sunday spectacular.
"Manchester United are certainties, Chelsea are certainties and you have to fancy Man City next year as they are going to spend another pounds 100million.
Martin and Asif are sure that Pauline has a fancy man and decide to follow her.
"I've just been reading the local funeral notices," Norris tuts, "and I see Eileen's fancy man's wife is having a send-off today.
"I have to say, though, I still fancy Man United to win the league.
Short on morals, her lowest point include sleeping with her grandmother Blanche's fancy man Wallis and faking an abortion to spend the medical money on a new pair of shoes.
A star- studded cast has been put together for this story about a team of grifters -that's the gangland term for hustlers to you and me -who apparently got back together for one last job after Mickey `Bricks'Stone was released from prison after attacking his estranged wife's fancy man.