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in a fanciful manner


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Or, it might more fancifully be compared to a joyous piece of music, played with wild vivacity, but upon a disordered instrument.
It was broad day; and the house was nearly filled with young females, fancifully decorated with flowers, who gazed upon me as I rose with faces in which childish delight and curiosity were vividly portrayed.
He folded the letter fancifully, and took up his pen and wrote:
This last yeoman carried three stout bows of yew tree, two fancifully inlaid with silver and one with gold.
The ear may be regarded, fancifully, as a lichen, umbilicaria, on the side of the head, with its lobe or drop.
Grouping the audience around a central playing area, director/designer Jennifer Tarver made fine use of a raised platform with an altar-like disc at its centre, but her fancifully draped bower at the far end of the hail seemed incongruous and underused.
That period is rendered no less fancifully than the film's rainbow days, as Bale's doleful Arthur Stuart reaches out from his dreary present to a past that both entices and humiliates him.
De La Hoya talks fancifully about a knockout but it's cuts that will surely end this fight once again.
Overall, it's a stylish, wellmade fantasy from Steven Spielberg and Rain Man's Barry Levinson which fancifully explores the early life of Conan Doyle's Victorian sleuth.
A fancifully penned composite of real-life researchers, Ford's middle-aged Stonehill bears the brunt of the pic's bid to inject some flair into fairly dry proceedings.
Chitty's high-tech metal-mesh scaffolding successfully conveyed an underlying atmosphere of terror, and her fancifully evocative costumes created memorable images: updated Soviet-style uniforms for Turandot's Amazon guards, black leather outfits for the wonderfully melodious trio of Ping, Pang and Pong (Earle Patriarco, Doug Jones and Timothy Robinson), yellow costumes for all--and superb lighting by Dominique Bruguiere--for the sunrise scene.
It is useful to keep this failing in mind when visionaries speak fancifully about ``building a new society,'' this one based on the natural goodness of humans.
Kyrgiakos had actually been one of Liverpool's better performers, winning every aerial battle and nullifying the threat of Bobby Zamora, a player who is fancifully being talked of as a potential member of England's World Cup squad.
Acting far less precocious than she did in "Juno" and "Hard Candy," the young thesp takes a slight and welcome turn toward realism here, while hewing to the fancifully warm tone that is the movie's defining quality.
Hotel Mansion Tarahumara, Posada Barrancas, is a well-run, fancifully turreted structure with comfortable individual villas.