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excessive intolerance of opposing views

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More enlightening is the closing chapter, where Hardin discusses how fanatism can be intensified inter-generationally, but also through exit of its moderate members.
Indeed, the attempt to link the 9/11 attacks with Osama Bin Laden's Muslim fanatism and therein with the sponsorship of this event by Saddam Hussein did not make much sense.
Essential characteristic of a nation's identity in the past, religion is nowadays facing a number of threats that wear down its status: secularization and individualism, decrease of the social influence, fanatism.
Reasons for this "irrational behaviour" were usually cited as hatred, religious fanatism and chauvinism.
The caves, Falk concludes, "tell us something about the Zeitgeist: only a combination of devotion, belief in achieving the seemingly impossible, fanatism [sic], disrespect for expenditure, aesthetic sense, love of technical perfection and a desire for recognition by the generations to come would bring a man to initiate such work.
Only strong democratic institutions and strict respect of human rights can serve as a solid basis to fight against any kind of extremism and other forms of religious fanatism," the group said in a statement.
The political and ideological causes are the fanatism and the extremist or nationalist state interests (2).
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