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Synonyms for fanaticism

Synonyms for fanaticism

excessive intolerance of opposing views

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The two females, as they held each a hand of Ilbrahim, formed a practical allegory; it was rational piety and unbridled fanaticism contending for the empire of a young heart.
The old man, though his fanaticism had generally all the calmness of reason, was deeply moved while reciting this tale; and his unwonted emotion seemed to rebuke and keep down that of his companion.
Catharine's fanaticism had become wilder by the sundering of all human ties; and wherever a scourge was lifted there was she to receive the blow, and whenever a dungeon was unbarred thither she came, to cast herself upon the floor.
You may call this religion, but I call it wild fanaticism!'
And in the Tower, in a dreary room whose thick stone walls shut out the hum of life, and made a stillness which the records left by former prisoners with those silent witnesses seemed to deepen and intensify; remorseful for every act that had been done by every man among the cruel crowd; feeling for the time their guilt his own, and their lives put in peril by himself; and finding, amidst such reflections, little comfort in fanaticism, or in his fancied call; sat the unhappy author of all--Lord George Gordon.
"Yes, Maggie," said Philip, vehemently; "and you are shutting yourself up in a narrow, self-delusive fanaticism, which is only a way of escaping pain by starving into dulness all the highest powers of your nature.
Finally, the confession, at the very moment when the case was hopelessly muddled by the false evidence given by Nikolay through melancholy and fanaticism, and when, moreover, there were no proofs against the real criminal, no suspicions even (Porfiry Petrovitch fully kept his word) --all this did much to soften the sentence.
The obstinacy and avarice of the Jews being thus in a measure placed in opposition to the fanaticism that tyranny of those under whom they lived, seemed to increase in proportion to the persecution with which they were visited; and the immense wealth they usually acquired in commerce, while it frequently placed them in danger, was at other times used to extend their influence, and to secure to them a certain degree of protection.
"They had, however, what supplied the place of those fine qualities," replied the young man, "and that was fanaticism. Napoleon is the Mahomet of the West, and is worshipped by his commonplace but ambitions followers, not only as a leader and lawgiver, but also as the personification of equality."
According to Minister Pisanu, "the best tool we have to combat religious fanaticism is the dialogue among the moderates of the three great monotheistic religions which had their origin in the Mediterranean basin and the lay governments of Europe, America and the Islamic world".
The first about liberalism and fanaticism and the middle way have to do with truth, the truth about ourselves and the way we conduct our lives, our businesses and our governments.
Despite worries about his alleged evangelical fanaticism, his administration appears committed to creating a new round of peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians.
There is still the chance of a future free of the deliberate, smug violence of empire or the capricious violence of fanaticism or vendetta.
We know this is about oil and Israel and the deadly mix of poverty, religious fanaticism and the devastating effectiveness of technology.
9 cartoon was "unprecedented" and that the cartoon "failed to communicate [Ramirez's] message" that both sides depicted in the cartoon have elevated fanaticism to a religion of sorts.