fan vaulting

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an elaborate system of vaulting in which the ribs diverge like fans

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The magnificent ceilings are the world's first example of fan vaulting.
The five bedroom property is notable for some unusual quality detail, most obvious, the elegant arched windows and doors, echoed cleverly in the main hallway where curving arched ceilings converge in some lovely fan vaulting.
I hear the voices of the Renaissance polyphony meet and cross each other so that their different rhythms create a complex pattern and, while I listen, my eye follows the intricate criss-crossing lines of the fan vaulting of the ceiling--an example of architectural structure being turned into something decorative and beautiful.
Some churches were completely rebuilt in the lavish 'Perpendicular' style with elaborate fan vaulting and massive stained glass windows.
Around the proscenium arch are saints in niches and the borders are beautifully painted to represent fan vaulting.