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a letter that is a piece of fan mail

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The strangest fan letter I received was from a chap in Hollywood about my book The Dark Apostle which was about the assassination of Martin Luther King.
But at least we still have the films and I still have, tucked away in a dusty drawer somewhere, his reply to my fan letter, said Wilder.
My very first fan letter on BBC Breakfast Time told me I had a nice face but hadn't got the legs for boots!
He sent a fan letter to the You're So Vain legend begging her to guest on In The Music.
The Prince of Wales wrote a "fan letter" to chef Jamie Oliver praising the celebrity for his campaign to get healthier meals served to school children.
If the devil is in the details, then Stanley Kubrick had a fruitful pact with Mephis-topheles, judging by "Stanley Kubrick's Boxes." Left-of-field docu by confessed fan Jon Ronson reveals yet another of the mythomaniac director's eccentricities: a huge collection of cardboard boxes in which he saved every memo, fan letter and piece of production trivia, mostly from "2001: A Space Odyssey" on.
Stefan, who plays Paul Robinson, says: "I have a phobia about writing letters and haven't replied to a fan letter for three years."
Most of all I liked the rage, and wrote him a fan letter after I read his first book.
They only met in person years after he wrote his first fan letter to her, but Montgomery and Weber served as supporters, opponents and muses to each other as she endured a loveless marriage and he endured a thankless career as would-be academic.
He left behind a box of black-and-white publicity stills, a book of poems, one close friend and his final fan letter, written the day he died, by a "TV Land" buff 2,500 miles away.
What prompted this fan letter (rare for me), however, was your Editor's Note ("How Not to Lead").
To cap it off, Michael Joseph Gross--the out journalist whose jaw-dropping new book Starstruck reports scenes from the extremes of random--recalls that he once wrote a fan letter to Messing's husband.
The last time I wrote a "fan letter" of praise and congratulations must have been three decades ago -- to K.
Write her a fan letter and you get an autographed photo and copy of her fan club newsletter.
SCOTS swimming star Ross Murdoch has traced a five-year-old boy who wrote him an amazing fan letter.