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a solo dance in which large fans are manipulated to suggest or reveal nakedness

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Later a friend of mine from university said he was doing the Fan Dance and I decided I wanted to do it with him.
The trio, made up of Terry Griffin, Chris Cooper and Station Officer Andy Lane from Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, took part in The Fan Dance Race, to raise money for charity in Rob's honour.
Incheon Airport will prepare performances, so that guests will have a chance to learn about Korean culture such as Korean fan dance and sand art.
Representatives from the Flushing YMCA will conduct a health screening, give away free membership trials, offer fan dance and tai chi demonstrations, etc.
Another favourite among admirers of her hourglass figure is her feather fan dance and boudoir/bathtub show.
And Dunster recalled a dancer who, while rehearsing the first act fan dance, tossed it to Basilio, who missed it, sending it flying right through an open studio window.
The boys performed a martial arts style Fan Dance that was directed by Chien-Hui Shen, a former martial arts gold medallist in his native Taiwan.
This delectable candor, unfortunately, makes it all the more disappointing on those occasions when Carlson, making like Sally Rand doing her fan dance, throws a thin veil of discretion over his tales.
At the Blue Angel Exotic Cabaret, just around the corner from New York University, see Miss Bonnie Dunn do her fan dance.
Donegan's tape has the tease level of a fan dance, where everything is suggested and nothing is revealed.
Festivities include a Chinese Lion Dance, Chinese Ribbon Dance, Chinese Ching Palace Dance, Korean Drum Dance, Korean Sword Dance, Korean Fan Dance and Korean Puppet Dance--
The concert will be a celebration of music, dance and song, with a Chinese fan dance, Polish choir Senza Nome, Forte Gospel Choir, WorldSong and Unlock the Music to name a few of the artists signed up.
The adventurous group will split into two teams and take part in a 31-mile mountain bike ride followed by a seven-mile kayak, and the following day will tackle an SAS fan dance carrying a 32-pound rucksack over a 24 kilometre-long route.
Hundreds saw the Elton John fan dance to Tiny Dancer at the Sara's Hope Foundation annual black-tie ball at Hilton Newcastle Gateshead.