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a belt driven by the crankshaft that drives a fan that pulls air through the radiator

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Andrew said he was driving with his music up and then he heard a noise and thought his fan belt had broken.
but I said 'I'm only going to saw the fan belt off her.
The fan belt tightener puts the right amount of tension on your scraper's fan belt.
Judge Tony Lancaster, who jailed him for three years at Durham Crown Court yesterday, told him: "By cutting the brake pipes and fan belt, you put in danger the lives of all the people in the car and other road-users.
But they experience an unsettling encounter with a mysterious trucker and, next morning, the car's fan belt is broken.
Molds - fan belt Akromold (Goderich) Consolidated Mold & Mfg.
When it comes to planning, it's often been said that implementing new plans is a lot like changing a fan belt while the engine is running.
The other products selected for the kit are the Beltlocker Emergency Fan Belt, Collapsible Water/Gas Container, Six-Way Screwdiver, Plastic Tape and a small roll of Wire.
Quotation are invited for Engine Piston,jingine Piston Ring Engine Linner with Engine valve set Valve guide,Valve sheet,Valve oil seal, Main bearing,Connecting bearing Main bearing oil seal Mobil filter,Diesel filter,Engine head gasket Gasket unit, Hiter plug,Hose pipe set,Engine mounting,Timing oil seal, Fan belt,Crank side washer Document cost : INR 200
Michael Staley-Bush, 57, was crushed to death when the driver's cab of his wagon fell backwards on top of him after he had fixed a faulty fan belt.
Required gear included a four-wheel drive vehicle with low range, a CB radio, a full tank of fuel, a spare tire, jack and tools and an extra fan belt.
8 Will a pair of tights replace the fan belt in an emergency?
A build-up of its hair on the fan belt had caused the squeak.
I think it was something to do with the fan belt - I'm not too good with the technical side.
An extra fee of pounds 15 was charged for adjusting a fan belt, which should be covered in a full service.