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wide recognition for one's deeds

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As Wright sees it, "Scientology orients itself toward celebrity, and by doing so, the church awards famousness a spiritual value.
eh, I think I'll probably hit the hay here, Rick, because I'm tired and I have to teach four classes in the morning and tomorrow's Friday and my fiancee thinks we're going out on the weekend when it's supposed to get a little warmer for the afternoon, which means she somehow thinks against all history and reason that I won't be too despicable to spend an afternoon eating bentos with her in some park she's chosen for its famousness with guidebook authors as an idyllic spot for us to spend the afternoon stretched out together under the forecast sun when any logical observer of our history would confidently wager money on the odds that I will be brutally hungover and so compelled to drink to ease the pain.
the condition of being much extolled or talked about; famousness, notoriety).
b) 'Competitivity criteria' such as price, after sales service, time to delivery, viability, market covergae, design flexibility, volume flexibility, Innovation, product performance, product types, product quality, Image and famousness of the products (Poulin, Montreuil and Gauvin, 1994).
I do think that with smaller, boutique films, there's inherently more freedom in not feeling the weight of the famousness of better-known property," says Scott Frankel, composer of "Grey Gardens.
I have to admit my girls don't quite realize the famousness of Mark.