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If I could meet a famous person, that would be Ellie Goulding.
The mere sale by a trader of a T-shirt bearing an image of a famous person is not an act of passing off.
That's not to say that every famous person has a duty to spill the beans about their health but those who choose to, don't often regret it.
But for all of pop culture's fascination with Cohen, it's surprising that this song–about Leonard Cohen and a famous person, performing an infamous act, in a famous location–is not the Cohen song of choice among the countless who, by overdoing the song "Hallelujah," have turned it into a virtually unlistenable song.
In second grade, we all chose a famous person and created a speech about that person told from their point of view.
Each time a famous person takes a big risk and comes out, it helps the rest of us.
He envisions the property as a "single-family home for a famous person.
Each animal in the zodiac has a page of explanation, including the Chinese character and its pronunciation, the relevant years, characteristics of that year and an illustration and details of a current famous person from that sign.
4 : an imitation of a famous person done for entertainment
Freeman is that rare famous person who has class as well as celebrity.
A short biography of a famous person with some connection to the river is included in each chapter.
Powell tied with another Atlanta Journal-Constitution obit writer, Holly Crenshaw, in the Best Short-Form obituary about a Celebrity or Famous Person category.
As the most famous person in the sport, his very presence on TV promotes it beyond usual boundaries, to a wider audience.
THE first famous person I ever met was Bernard Manning.
LONG before Big Brother win- ner Pete Bennett thrust Tourette's Syndrome into the spotlight, the most famous person with the condition was John Davidson, the subject of two fascinating documenta- ries - and now a third.