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Synonyms for famished



Synonyms for famished

desiring or craving food

Synonyms for famished

extremely hungry

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A collapsing of the boundaries between the real and the supernatural was a recurring feature in The Famished Road ([1991] 1993).
A seal jumped onto a boat in Vancouver, Canada, after a team of famished killer orca whales marched to chase him.
Works analyzed include A Brighter Sun, The Lonely Londoners, Sozaboy, and The Famished Road.
Soon he saw his first selection: hundreds of bewildered, famished Jews led from railway cars and directed toward either certain death or a temporary reprieve.
A poor family: a famished child and a poorly mother.
Okri, who won the prestigious Booker Prize in 1991 for "The Famished Road,'' beat finalists including this year's Booker winner, Richard Flanagan; Japanese literary star Haruki Murakami; and Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Michael Cunningham.
My neighbours on both sides are famished before they can eat when night falls, then drag themselves out of bed for a predawn meal few want, but daren't refuse, because it's their last intake for daylight hours.
Lying famished in my bed, Tetties, fish and chips, burgers, sarnies, pie and peas, Just how long can I keep it up, I'm nearly on my knees, It's sacrifice, naked in my mirror, I talk, trying not to look, Then I pass a cafe, see cakes, mixed grills all on cook, It's not fair, lost two pounds only, I'm always on the prowl, Watching others stuff their faces, my hunger pains howl, So watch out you lot out there, hideaways you should seek, A new diet, 'beans', I'm eating every day next week.
The figure of the defiant hero, whose presence is establishable in a good number of Nigerian narratives, including The Interpreters (SOYINKA, 1972) and The Famished Road (OKRI, 1992), is one of them.
At a party full of people who care only about themselves, Kershaw, who looks like your typical 12-year-old crackwhore, lifted her dress--something that likely comes easy for someone making her living selling skin--to reveal the words "Gun Control" stenciled on her famished flesh.
Nigerian-born Ben Okri won for his third novel The Famished Road.
A FAMISHED owl was yesterday lured back by its owner after three days on the loose - with a dead rat.
Holed up during a bone-chilling Boston winter, I was drawn into Nigerian Ben Okri's novel The Famished Road.
But so little remained of the bats Scalping the famished lake
Sweden, June 30 -- While the people rescued in Uttarakhand say that they saw Gods in uniform, who not only saved their lives but also went out of their way to look after famished, cold, injured, shelterless and under clothed hapless citizens while the state administration including the police, twiddled its thumbs writes Lt Gen SK Bahri (Retd).