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Synonyms for famine

Synonyms for famine

an acute insufficiency

a severe shortage of food (as through crop failure) resulting in violent hunger and starvation and death

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He scolds us for not studying famine in tandem with other kinds of man-made atrocity as often or as closely as we should and he reminds us to, once and for all, put away the convenient Malthusian paradigm (which posits that there will be a forced return to subsistence-level conditions once population growth has outpaced agricultural production) which is 'comprehensively refuted yet tirelessly comes back to haunt us.
The IPC, whose members include FAO and WFP, continues to say famine has not been officially declared as it is hard to get data from conflict zones.
Our goal is to understand the multitude of ways bioarchaeologists situate the concept of famine in the past as a large-scale event as well as how frequently famine is incorporated into bioarchaeological research questions.
South Sudan's famine was the first to be formally declared anywhere in the world since 2011's crisis in Somalia.
Curtis's clear and unapologetic delivery of the facts and figures regarding the history of dislodgment during the Irish Famine offers a restitution of eviction's central place in the story of starvation, emigration and exile.
While the installation works effectively to connect contemporary identity with past loss, it is itself oddly abstracted from any explanatory history (4): the causes of the Famine are not voiced, the politics of hunger are unexplored, the connection between colonial occupation and indigenous starvation--a connection much debated in Famine historiography--is never made.
The declaration for areas of the Unity State in the northern-central part of the country was the first famine to be declared anywhere in the world in six years.
While unveiling a Celtic cross memorial to the one million Famine victims Mr D Higgins said: "As we pray for the souls of all of those lost to famine, we must pray too that we not be condemned to repeat the mistakes of the past as we deal with the challenges of feeding the hungry in our own times.
Yet it is an irony in the history of economic thought that although the Great Irish Famine is often seen as a classic Malthusian check, Malthus himself expressly ruled out such an eventuality for Ireland.
The author of this study--a leading scholar of Ireland's Great Famine [1845-1849]--writes with flair and precision about the many intersections of human generosity and human tragedy during Ireland's darkest hour.
The participants discussed how the prevalent opposition of natural versus societal factors in famine research can be overcome with reference to recent interdisciplinary concepts (disaster studies, vulnerability studies, environmental history).
AN EVENT to commemorate those who came to Wales to escape the Irish Famine will return to Cardiff this year.
THE Ukrainian community remembered a famine that killed millions of their people.
While the Great Famine (1959-61) is one of many famines throughout China's history, this does not undermine its significance in China's modern history.
Franks, Suzanne, Reporting Disasters: Famine, Aid, Politics and the Media, Hurst and Company, London, 2013, ISBN 9 7818 4904 2888, 256 pp.