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If the family unit is truly being obliterated, then it's draconian attitudes such as yours that are the main cause.
Last week, the Sunday Mail told how social workers at the Strathbrock Family Unit in Broxburn, West Lothian, were meant to be providing 24-hour support to the child's drug addict parents.
A source said, "They are usually very shy about being photo graphed, but now they're making a point of being seen in public as a happy family unit.
The breakdown of the family unit as we knew it probably started in the late 1960s and so we are now paying the price for something of 40 years in the making.
It argued that even if the brothers were members of the same family, neither their parents nor grandparents were alive during the three-year testing period preceding the transaction; thus, there was no family unit to be treated as a single shareholder.
Chris Rees, defending, said: 'Karen blamed the breakdown of the family unit on Nicola, rightly or wrongly.
Not too long ago, however, homosexuals were considered an unfit family unit.
And in the film the scheduled, automated replacement of family members posits the family unit as a template rather than a unique community.
The negative effects of parental divorce upon children depend upon many factors, including the age and sex of the child at the time of the marital dissolution, the amount of conflict within the family unit, and the degree of cooperation between the divorced or separated parents (Dacey & Travers, 2002).
Thus, family members are conscripted by insurance companies and hospitals alike to do their work without reimbursement, without regard to jobs, schooling or financial outcome to family unit.
As that circle of influence expands, a child becomes aware of the family unit and his or her dependent relationship with family members.
The specific social roles were investigated using the Social Adjustment Scale (SAS) of Weissman and colleagues (1974, 1976, 1978), and included Work, Social and Leisure, Extended Family, Marital, Parental, and Family Unit roles.
Because a family is treated as a single unit, the property is not considered as having left the family unit and no loss is recognized.
If you could use an equation to find the perfect family unit, it is quite possible that the figure 2.
Additionally the focus is on the behavior of the child and often does not focus on the family unit or the biology behind the behavior.