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the name used to identify the members of a family (as distinguished from each member's given name)

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It is a family name," he remarked, "but I flattered myself that it was at least uncommon.
I give Pirrip as my father's family name, on the authority of his tombstone and my sister - Mrs.
The family name depends wery much upon you, Samivel, and I hope you'll do wot's right by it.
Nastasia Phillpovna's family name is Barashkoff--I know, you see-and she is a very well known lady, indeed, and comes of a good family, too.
It was in vain that I asked her for her family name.
Little need to show that this detested family name had long been anathematised by Saint Antoine, and was wrought into the fatal register.
Of this work of imagination poor Tess and her parents were naturally in ignorance--much to their discomfiture; indeed, the very possibility of such annexations was unknown to them; who supposed that, though to be well-favoured might be the gift of fortune, a family name came by nature.
You see how the family names recur, Thorpe, Athelstan, Harold, Edward; I've used the family names for my sons.
Younger sons," he said, "who enlisted in the musketeers under feigned names in order not to lower their family names.
The most common Korean family name is Kim, followed by Lee and Park.
amp;nbsp;Thus, their descendants carry the family name Mountbatten-Windsor.
As part of my research I have come across the family name of Ditchburn, who seemed to be stalwarts of that congregation from the 19th century right until the end in 1951.
Soldiers decided to hold the 9 individuals - two of them children - because their identification cards bore the Maute family name, Senior Supt.
But since the family name had been changed from Horowitz when they first arrived in the United States, you have to wonder what was going on there.
My family name is Zhang, and my name full name ZhangWu.