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Oysters from family lines 39 and 59 had the greatest growth and shell thickness, while those from family line 1 had the least growth (Table 2, Fig.
Jason was raised by his British-born father, but it is his mother's family line that takes his interest.
But when a hated property developer and a voluptuous hotelier are beheaded, Barnaby realises there could be a connection between the developer's greedy desire for land and Lady Matilda's desperate longing to preserve the Guillaume family line.
The firm chose Bratislava for the production of its New Small Family line of cars in April 2009.
4 : being in an unbroken family line <a direct ancestor>
The beauty is that it not only annihilates this genetic abnormality from the family line, but it also ensures the child is normal.
For her to reject the object of desire in line with the family line calls the legitimacy of the line itself into question.
The "family-line healing" theory comes from the false notion that the sins of ancestors are inherited through the family line, and that without healing those sins, descendants will suffer various problems," said Fr.
Naked Juice, Azusa, CA, has introduced Black & Blueberry Rush and Cherry Pomegranate Power flavors to its Energy Family line of smoothies.
Sapphire/Sapphy and her brother Conor have known the sea all their lives because their dad has continued the family line of British fishermen.
Q IN researching my family line I may have come to the end of the road.
The days when blue-collar work could be passed on down the family line, those days are over," says Chaison of Clark University.
At first we were unable to trace William's family line with any certainty.
First, if the family line in the area dies out, then the plot is returned to the temple.
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