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Hence the use of the word in describing "the family jewels" when speaking of a man's penis is directly derived from the German and has nothing to do with little sticks, baby talk or clubs.
Playful or sinister or something else, what slowly becomes clear about the tableau depicted in GaHee Park's Family Jewels (all works 2017) is its evasion of a concrete narrative.
Simmons, 68, is currently married to Shannon Tweed, who appeared with him on the long-running A&E reality show, "Gene Simmons Family Jewels."
And as for the "never-before-seen scanning technology to determine exactly how 'Spotless' the contestants really are", it was just a barely disguised device to show off the boys' family jewels in the tight, white sperm suits.
It is about Julian, a naive teen raised by a tyrant and a functioning voluptuary in a country ruled by a dictator who is sent out of Cuba to retrieve smuggled family jewels on the eve of the Bay of Pigs Invasion.
And Jennifer Lopez looked more sophisticated and elegant than usual in a mustard-coloured Giambattista Valli gown that showed off her shape without revealing the family jewels.
Meanwhile, the musical highlights of part one, The Family Jewels, included I Am Not A Robot and her breakthrough hit Hollywood.
It is the equivalent of generosity so excessive it borders on the kind of insanity that makes you sell the family jewels.
Deregulation and greater flexibility, particularly with pension pots, has rightly been criticised as selling off the family jewels for short-term gain.
Hjartarson finds himself juggling the offers of two prospective donors, each obsessed with becoming the first person to have his family jewels put on display.
WHAT have the terms 'family jewels', 'pom-pom', 'twinkle' and 'last chicken in Sainsbury's' got in common?
On Russia's national police day: November 10, he sat naked in Red Square and pierced a nail through his 'family jewels' and consequently attached himself to the cobblestones outside Lenin's Mausoleum.
It was a full house and there are very few seats left for the Cardiff performances but whatever it takes, pawn the family jewels and get a ticket because you'll kick yourself if you miss it.
The White Queen BBC1, 9pm Lizzie (Rebecca Ferguson) doth get her hands on the family jewels. We mean her coronation, although there is plenty of seduction to come.
Billy's songs have appeared in A&E''s Biography, Miami Ink, American Idol, My 600 LB Life, Gene Simmons' ' The Family Jewels, Chelsea Settles, Sweet Home Alabama, 16 and Pregnant, Exes and Ohs, One Angry Juror, Alienated and Canada In The Rough.