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part of a patient's medical history in which questions are asked in an attempt to find out whether the patient has hereditary tendencies toward particular diseases

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The elder woman gave the family history, father and mother had died of phthisis, a brother and a sister, these two were the only ones left.
In the days of slavery not very much attention was given to family history and family records--that is, black family records.
As one method of throwing it off, I have put an incident of the Pyncheon family history, with which I happen to be acquainted, into the form of a legend, and mean to publish it in a magazine."
He felt himself quite lost in wonder at the manner of the man, and that the probability of his daughter's having had a reserve as to her family history, should be so far out of his mind.
Exhibitors include Coventry Family History Society, Rugby Family History Group and the Guild of One-Name Studies.
Knowsley Library Service has extended their popular family history helpdesk dropin sessions to Prescot Library.
The pack contains everything you need to begin to record your family history.
Although family history can be very helpful, it may not be fully documented in the majority of patients' charts.
Using the Cancer Genetics Network (CGN), researchers reviewed data on family history of cancer of more than 10,000 patients who were followed for almost 10 years.
The study found significant changes in family history point to an increased need for cancer screening occur throughout adulthood, particularly when it comes to colorectal and breast cancer.
Professional family historian Hilary Ambrose will present 'Getting Started with Family History' on Wednesday, January 19 at 2pm at Crosby Library on Crosby Road North, Waterloo.
The American Cancer Society's most recent guidelines issued in 2007 recommend annual screening MRI in addition to mammography for women in two high-risk groups: those with genetic mutation such as the BRCA gene or first-degree relatives with the gene and those with greater than or equal to 20%-25% lifetime risk, based on family history The guidelines concluded that there was insufficient evidence to recommend for or against breast MRI in patients with only a personal history of the disease but no genetic or family risk.
In diagnostic performance, the recall rate--the percentage recalled for additional testing-was 9.3% (60 of 646) in the personal history group, significantly lower than the 15.0% (49 of 327) in the genetic or family history group.
"Understanding Aboriginal family history is important for retaining the culture and knowing where you came from," said Arnault, who is extremely passionate about his family history and about Metis genealogy in general.
"Family history is the quickest and cheapest way to sort that out."
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