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rearmost or uppermost area in the balcony containing the least expensive seats

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There was nothing mean or ungenerous in the young man's heart, and he was glad that his future wife should not be restrained by false prudery from being kind (in private) to her unhappy cousin; but to receive Countess Olenska in the family circle was a different thing from producing her in public, at the Opera of all places, and in the very box with the young girl whose engagement to him, Newland Archer, was to be announced within a few weeks.
I first saw Adrienne in one of these visits, the quality of our little family circle attracting her attention.
"To have it quite in their own family circle was what they had particularly wished.
It was the first time that Philip in his lonely life had been present in a family circle: his eyes smiled as they rested on the fair children engrossed in the fairy tale.
Representatives of the Committee, before the pilgrims return to the republic, will hold talks with them in Mecca and Medina and explain the norms of the Tajik law 'On streamlining traditions, celebrations and rites' according to which events on the occasion of send off and meeting pilgrims are held only in the family circle.
m "To his Partner Valerie, beloved sisters and entire Breslin family circle, I offer own and Cliftonville's b B my condo condolences and deep heartfelt sorrow at this very painful time."
She reasoned her argument by saying that most child abuse cases come from somebody in the immediate family circle.
Talking to reporter, Kanwal Shauzab said that it is a social stigma that women with disabilities face discrimination or harassment within the family circle or society and they were denied of even basic facilities of health, education, employment and many other opportunities.
Our family circle has three children, ages 16, 13, and 11.
Babies are something we all associate with the happy family circle, they represent innocent, wholesome family values.
Ben Navarro, CEO of the Charleston-based Sherman Financial Group and founder of the nonprofit Meeting Street Schools, has acquired Charleston Tennis LLC, the operator of the Family Circle Tennis Center and Volvo Car Stadium.
I within my own family circle, have lost two women as a result of this understanding of 'manhood.' My aunt was hacked to death in front of her children.
Most of the customers who book it are also still from family circle,' Ari said.
"It was at a moment that a lion cub was fondling his mother with his nose, taking the lead place in a warm family circle that attracted me due to the family affection and the love that filled this scene," Al-Zaabi added.