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2009 The moths of Borneo (Part 13): family Noctuidae, subfamily Pantheinae, Bagisarinae, contiinae, Aediinae, Eustrotiinae, Bryophilinae, Araeopteroninae, Aventiinae, Eublemminae and further miscellaneous genera.
Cucullia calendulae Treitschke, 1835 is included in the family Noctuidae, one of the most diverse families of the order Lepidoptera (Bretherton et al.
The moths of Borneo: family Noctuidae, trifine subfamilies: Noctuinae, Heliothinae, Hadeninae, Acronictinae, Amphipyrinae, Agaristinae.
Superficially, the moths resembled members of the large macro-moth family Noctuidae (owlet moths), particularly those of the subfamily Catocalinae, many of which have brightly contrasting underwings coloured black and red, yellow or orange.
Our most familiar caterpillars are the destructive cutworms (larvae of the Family Noctuidae, owlet moths), hornworms (Family Sphingidae, sphinx moths) and inchworms (Family Geometridae, geometer moths).
A few other species from Abu Dhabi, mainly from the family Noctuidae, in the collection of the Environment Agency --Abu Dhabi, EAD, formerly the Environmental Research and Wildlife Development Agency, ERWDA, will also eventually be recorded as additions to the national list.