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Choromytilus chorus has a nervous network system similar in form and structure to other species of the family Mytilidae (Bayne; Gallardo; Zaixso, 2003); Mytilus edulis (Gosling 1992), Mytilus californianus (Smith, 1997), Semimytilus algosus and Aulacomya ater.
Finally the family Mytilidae, represented by an invading species, Limnoperna fortunei (Dunker, 1857), showed a peak of abundance in autumn but manifested very low values in winter, spring, and summer.
They belong to the family Mytilidae. In India and Sri Lanka- two species of marine mussels namely Perna viridis the Green mussel and Perna indica the Brown mussel forms the major part of the fishery.
A report on the family Mytilidae. Allan Hancock Pacific Exped.
11 What edible creatures are classed in the family Mytilidae?
This refutes the hypothesis of a single M/F mitotype divergence event within the family Mytilidae predating the divergence of the Mytilus and Geukensia lineages [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1B OMITTED].
Bathymodiolin mussels within the family Mytilidae are prominent members of deep-sea chemosynthetic communities in habitats such as hydrothermal vents and cold seeps and on sunken organic debris such as wood-and whale-falls worldwide.
Mollusca of the family Mytilidae (Bivalvia) associated with organic remains from deep water off New Zealand, with revisions of the genera Adipicola Dautzenberg, 1927 and Idasola Iredale, 1915.