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The current study was carried out to analyze the qualitative estimation of various phyto-compounds as well as antioxidant potential of all the seven species of Family Moraceae, as assessed using DPPH assay.
Fresh parts Leaves /Fruit of seven species of Family Moraceae were collected from Jinnah Garden, Lahore in the months of Feb-May (2016) authenticated and deposited in the Prem Madan Herbarium of Lahore College for Women University, Lahore (Artocarpus lakoocha Wall.
Qualitative estimation of major classes of Phytochemical constituents in all seven species of Family Moraceae revealed the presence of terpenoids, phenolics, flavonoids and tannins however absence of alkaloids was reflected in three species under observation including Artocarpus lakoocha, Ficus lyrata and Ficus virens (Table 1).
The antioxidant activity of all seven species of Family Moraceae was compared with Vitamin E and BHT as standard references.
However, IC50 value of seven species of family Moraceae was calculated using Graph Pad prism software 5.
Ficus is a large genus of the family moraceae in the order Urticales (Olorode, 1984).
Ficus benjamina; family Moraceae, order Unisexuales or Urticales
Ficus tsjakela; family Moraceae, order Unisexuales or Urticales
From [less than]1% to 85% full sun, I transplanted seedlings of four related tree species, classified in family Moraceae (Croat 1978) or sister families Moraceae and Cecropiaceae (Hammell 1986a, b).
Hindi: Gular, Sanskrit: Udambara) belongs to the family Moraceae.
Chlorophora excelsa and Chlorophora regia of the Family Moraceae